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Why Choose AMS?


We provide our clients with incredible response times.

We offer 24-hour support and 1 HOUR emergency response times.  Typically emergencies are responded to even quicker than that!


All work is done by our staff.

We do not subcontract.  This means the buck stops here.  We are fully responsible for your IT systems.


We are serious business professionals.

We partner with our clients.  When you hire us, you hire a business partner.  We will use our expertise and professional network engineers to act as an extension of your company - putting your business first.


We try to make your life simpler.

We can provide you with advice on technology or act as your entire IT department and can provide any IT service - from assisting a staff member with a printer issue to redesigning your entire network.  This helps to consolidate the number of vendors you have to deal with and reduces your overall cost.


We are constantly proactive.

We monitor and maintain our client's networks and proactively inform them of any issues that arise.  Because of this network monitoring, we are able to provide our clients with cost-saving recommendations and ideas for how new technologies can benefits their business.

Why you should work with AMS 

Here at Advanced MicroSystems, Inc. we know that we offer the best IT expertise and the most responsive customer service.  We put our clients at the heart of everything we do and pride ourselves on our hard work, ethics and second-to-none responsiveness.  But if you're not convinced, here's a list of reasons you should choose us to be your partner in IT.

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