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Unbeatable Service

We recognize that your business is your top priority, this makes it our top priority too. We take the time to learn everything about your business so that we can offer tailored services to ensure your IT helps your company to thrive. Indeed we're so confident in our superior levels of customer service that we don’t put money into marketing – our clients do our marketing for us by spreading news of our second-to-none skills and experience! We know that you'll be so amazed by our level of service that you’ll have to tell everyone about us.


Unmatched Communication

The experts at Advanced MicroSystems, Inc. believe that communication is the key to any good relationship, so we promise to keep you informed at all times. In order to maintain strong communication with our clients, we value a fully transparent, open-book policy. 


Endless Improvement

We are constantly working to improve our policies, our procedures and our product knowledge. In the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of technology, we remain on the cutting edge through ongoing training, research, and feedback from our clients. We depend on the suggestions, ideas and opinions of those we service to guide us in our quest to become the very best in our industry.


Exceptional People

We value and appreciate the individuals that make up our team, so we encourage and help them to grow and succeed. We believe that “a cohesive team can consistently outperform a collection of talented individuals.” This statement has been proven time after time in the world of sports, but it's equally true in business. We will choose one of our exceptional team members who knows your industry and is able to meet your company's exacting needs.


Honest and Forthright

With Advanced MicroSystems, Inc. there are no lies, no false promises and no finger pointing if something doesn't go as planned. The buck stops here. We are honest and forthright in everything we do, and we always strive to keep our promises, fulfill our commitments, and follow through.

What We Stand For

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Our Core Values


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